About Us

Moylan Care Group has been established in response to local community demand for quality disability and aged support services.

Belinda Moylan (Founder/Director) has 20 years experience as an occupational therapist. In this time she has worked in a variety of clinical settings including in two of Sydney’s largest hospitals, in the private and community sectors, and with all ages; children and adults.

Belinda has been running her own Occupational Therapy private practice for 13 years, and has established career expertise in the occupational therapy management of brain injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress-related and psychological illnesses, chronic illnesses, developmental disability, and adolescent health.

Belinda Moylan is highly passionate about providing the best quality of care to those in need, and understands how the right carer and the right amounts of support can change a persons quality of life.

Moylan Care Group provides disability specific services individually tailored to your needs, including assistance with:

  • Domestic tasks
  • Personal care
  • Transport
  • Social and community participation
  • Community nursing
  • Allied Health assessment and in-home treatment
  • Support Coordination

Located at 10 Giles Lane, Oran Park NSW 2570. Business hours: 02 4610 8640. Mobile: 0411 152 525.
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10 Giles Lane, Oran Park NSW 2570
Business hours: 02 4610 8640
Mobile: 0411 152 525
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